Bold Horizon
                                                                   Bold Horizon

          There have been powerhouse trios before:  the Kingston Trio; Cream; Peter Paul and Mary; the Three Stooges.  Following in that tradition, Bold Horizon is a dynamic folk trio, performing eclectic, slightly irreverent nautical and old-timey music; songs that reflect the American experience, strength and hope; sea chanteys, ballads, British, Irish and American tunes; songs of the forests and sea.... plus a few rock/pop tunes from the fifties and sixties; played by three of the Northwest's favorite musicians:  Dan Roberts on guitar, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, mandola, 6-string banjo and spoons; Steve Akerman on mandolin, violin, octave mandolin, 4-string banjo and guitar; and Tom Rawson on 5-string banjo, mountain dulcimer and guitar.    
          Tom's motto is "he's got a banjo and he's not afraid to use it."  A visit from storyteller/folksinger Tom Rawson  to schools is an experience young people remember and cherish for years after.  He has been teaching and visiting schools as a musician/storyteller for over 19 years.   Tom's CDs "Outside the Lines" and  "Where the Coho Flash Silver"capture Tom at his best,  dealing with such topics as fish and fishing; family reunions, Colorado railroads, farmland preservation, and the importance of questioning the limits of the black lines in coloring books.   He sings originals as wells as covers by Bill Staines, Pete Seeger, Judy Fjell, Tom Hunter, George Fouke, and Tedd Judd.
           Dan Roberts and Steve Akerman are both veterans of the Victory at Sea chantey group.  Dan is also a member of the Seattle Labor Chorus; his big voice is often heard at festivals and renaissance fairs throughout the Northwest.   Steve has played with the Madrones, Civil Servants, Aunt Betsy, and the Sparkling Tonics, among others, and currently plays with Hank Cramer and Constellation's Crew, and the celtic duo Waterbound..   Steve is well-known for his ability to provide instant musical back-up when it is needed.   Both Dan and Steve have solo CDs featuring a mix of traditional and original songs --- everything from ragtime to the Dead.
            Bold Horizon combines musicians with many years of experience playing a great variety of music.  They play and sing for the fun of it, and their enjoyment rings out loud and clear in their sparkling vocal harmony and rich instrumental blend.

Contact:  Steve Akerman   206-244-0342